Solutions through crop innovation

Want to add traits to your favourite potato?
Or want to study a gene of interest?


What can we do for you?

We at SolEdits use modern technologies to introduce genetic variation in the potato variety of your choice. With our transgene-free CRISPR technology, we can introduce targeted mutations in genes to create healthier food and sustainable agriculture or industrial process. We can also be your partner in research. By knocking out your gene of interest, we can develop your research material for gene function characterisation. 

In short, we provide the desired genetic variation.



Advanced breeding

Using a transgene-free CRISPR/Cas9 technology we mimic natural systems to efficiently induce target mutations in your crops without the need of following cross-breeding. Giving you desired traits while still keeping other characters of the variety.



Crop innovation

Improved quality, higher nutrition, food safety?  Climate adaption, less waste, better resistance to diseases and pests? We can provide plants that have an array of enhanced valuable traits, ensuring more sustainable production systems. Have a gene you want to study? We can speed up the field of functional genomics.



Genetic variation

Whether naturally occurring or created through breeding technology, genetic variations are the foundation for crop improvement.



Potato cyst nematode resistance

With the continual spread in many countries worldwide, the cyst nematode will, in a worst-case scenario, lead to severe or even complete loss in yield. This makes it an economically important disease to control. We are currently working on resistance against this root affecting pest in industrial-, table-, and starch varieties.


Improved starch quality

We created potato varieties with short-chain amylopectin, a starch that ensures storage stability in products. The starch will replace some chemically modified starches in both food and industrial products, saving 5000-6000 tonnes of chemicals and 0,5 Gwh energy per year in Sweden. Consumers can now enjoy the E-number free products they've so highly requested.

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